domenica 1 marzo 2015

selling vinyl records / vendo dischi vinile

13th Floor Elevators     Easter Everywhere    IA / USA Mono RE    NM/NM
13th Floor Elevators     The Psychedelic sounds of    IA / EU MONO re    NM/NM
13th Floor Elevators     Elevator Tracks    Texas Archive Recording / USA    NM/NM
13th Floor Elevators     Easter Everywhere    Radar / UK    NM/NM
13th Floor Elevators     Fire in my bones    Texas Archive Recording / USA    NM/NM
20/20    Same    EPIC / UK    VG/G
45 Grave    Sleep in safety    Enigma / USA    NM/NM
45 Grave    "School's out 12"""    Enigma / USA    NM/NM
Alan Stivell     Renaissance de la Celtic Harp    Philips / UK    EX/EX
Alex Chilton    One Day In New York    Act Union Promo    NM/NM
Alice through the looking glass    Same    Tenth Planet / UK    NM/NM
Alley Cats    Escape From The Planet Earth    MCA / US / 1st die-cut    NM/NM
Always August    Same     SST records / USA    NM/NM
America    Homecoming    WB / USA    VG/VG
And Also The Trees    "A Room Lives In Lucy + 2 12"" 3 tracks"    Reflex / UK / 1st    NM/NM
And also the trees     "The Secret Sea EP 12"" insert"    Rough records / UK    NM/NM
Arzachel     Same    Big Seven / USA Reissue    VG/VG
Beach Boys    Lost and Found !    Sundazed / USA    NM/NM
Beatles     Abbey Road    EMI / IT    VG/VG
Beau Brummels    From the Vaults    Rhino / USA    NM/NM
Beau Brummels    North Beach Legends    Sundazed / USA    NM/NM
Beau Brummels    Best of    Rhino / USA    NM/NM
Beau Brummels    Introducing the    Autumn / USA 1st Mono RW    VG/VG
Beau Brummels    Good time music vol 3    Line / Germany    EX/EX
Beau Brummels    The original Hits of the BB    JAS Records / USA    EX/EX
Bent Wind    Sussex    Daily Records / UK RE    NM/NM
Bent Wind    Sussex    Heyoka / UK RE    NM/NM
Bevis Frond     Through the looking glass 2 lp    Woronzow / UK / Signed    NM/NM
Bevis Frond     Triptych    Woronzow / UK\    NM/NM
Big Country    "In a big country 12 """    Count / UK    NM/NM
Billy Joel    52nd street    CBS / NL    VG/VG
Black Sabbath    Paranoid    WB / USA RE    NM/NM
Black Sabbath     Master of reality    Vertigo / germany    EX/EX
Blonde on Blonde     Rebirth     UK RE    NM/NM
Blue Epitaph    Ode By B.E.    Holyground UK    VG/NM
Blues Brothers     Made in America    Atlantic / EU    NM/NM
Blues Brothers     Best of    Atlantic / Yugo    NM/NM
Blur    The best of 2lp    Food UK    NM/NM
Blurt     In Berlin    Armageddon / UK    NM/NM
Bob Dylan    Nashville Skyline    Suzy / Yugo    NM/NM
Bob Dylan    A rare batch of little white wonder    Joker / IT    VG/VG
Bob Dylan    Slow train coming    CBS / IT    VG/VG
Bob Dylan    Planet Waves    Asylum / USA    VG/VG
Bob Dylan    Same mono re    Columbia US    NM/NM
Bob Dylan    Another Side of mono re    Columbia US    NM/NM
Bob Dylan    Freewheelin' mono re    Columbia US    NM/NM
Bob Dylan    Bringing It All Back Home mono re    Columbia US Sundazed    NM/NM
Bob Dylan    Highway 61 Revisited mono re    Columbia US Sundazed    NM/NM
Bob Dylan    Greatest Hits mono re    Columbia US    NM/NM
Bob Dylan    Blonde On Blonde mono re    CBS IT    VG/VG
Bob Dylan     Desire     CBS / IT    VG/VG
Bob Marley    We'll never give up    Promo    VG/VG
Bob Seger    Stranger in town    EMI / IT    VG/VG
Bob Seger    Against the wind    Capitol / USA    VG/VG
Bobby Brown     The Enlightening Beam of Axonda    Destiny records / USA RE    NM/NM
Bohemian Vendetta    Same    Reissue    NM/NM
Bruce Cockburn    Further adventures of    EMI / IT    VG/VG
Bruce Cockburn    Humans    True North / Canada    EX/EX
Bruce Springsteen    The Rising 2Lp    CBS UK    NM/NM
Bruce Springsteen     Studio Collection 1972 - 1979 4 lp    Promo    EX/EX
Bruce Springsteen     Back to the roots 2 lp    Promo    EX/EX
Bruce Springsteen     Do I have to say his name ?    Promo    EX/EX
Bruce Springsteen     Live in Philadelphia     Promo    EX/EX
Bruce Springsteen     Restless nights    Promo picture disc    EX/EX
Bruce Springsteen     Hallenstadion Zurich 81 2 lp    Promo    EX/EX
Bruce Springsteen     Hallenstadion Zurich 81     Promo    EX/EX
Bruce Springsteen     Prisoner of Rock n Roll    Promo    EX/EX
Bruce Springsteen     The great white boss 2 lp    Promo    EX/EX
Bruce Springsteen     Fire on the Fingertips    Promo    EX/EX
Bruce Springsteen     The Stockholm tapes 5 lp    Promo    EX / EX
Bubble Puppy    Gathering of Promises re    IA US    VG/VG
Buldozer     Same    Heligon / Yugo    VG/VG
Buldozer     Pljuni Istini ...     Yugo     VG/VG
Canned Heat    Cook Book    UA I/ IT Reissue    VG/VG
Caravan     Waterloo Lily    Deram / UK red    VG/VG
Cat Stevens     Greatest Hits    Jugoton / Yugo    VG/VG
Charlie Poole     The legend of    County / USA    VG/VG
Chemical     Same     Acme / UK ?    NM/NM
Chick Shannon Last Exit    Tears On The Console    Holyground    NM/NM
Children     Rebirth 2 lp    Clear Spot Records / NL    NM/NM
Chilli Willi & the Red Hot Peppers    Bongos over Balham    Crest / UK    VG/VG
Christmas    Live 1971    Remember The Alamo / CA / 1st    NM/NM
Christmas    Heritage    EU Reissue    NM/NM
Christmas    Same     Paragon EU RE    NM/NM
Churchill's    Same    EU reissue    EXEX
Circus 2000    Same    RIFI / IT re    NM/NM
Clash    in Hamburg    Promo    NM/NM
Clash    Live Paris 77/78    Promo    NM/NM
Clash    16 tracks    Promo    NM/NM
Clash    Up and at em !    Promo    NM/NM
Clash    Japanese cover    Promo    NM/NM
Clash    Live at the Casbah Club 2lp    Butch US    VG-/VG
Clash    "Rock The Casbah 12"" 2 trks"    CBS UK    VG/VG
Clash    "This Is Radio Clash 12"" 4 trks"    CBS UK    VG/VG
Clash    "The Magnificent Dance 12"" 4 trks"    Epic US    VG/VG
Clash     Clampdown USA 2 lp    Promo    EX/EX
Clash     Capital Crisis 2 lp    Promo    G/EX
Clash     Cut the Crap    CBS / UK     NM/NM
Clock DVA    Thirst    Fetish UK    VG/VG
Companion     Live    Akashik / USA 1st    G/VG
Corvi     Un ragazzo di strada    Oxford / IT    VG/VG
Count Five     Dynamite Incidents    Line / Germany    EX / EX
Country Gazette     Don't give up your day job    UA / IT    G/VG
Cowboys International    The Original Sin    Virgin / US / ps    NM/NM
Cramps    Psychedelic Jungle    A&M / UK    VG/VG
Crawdaddy's    Here 'tis    Voxx / USA     NM/NM
Creedence Clearwater Revival     Chronicle 2 lp    Fantasy / Canada    EX/EX
Crippled Pilgrims    Under water    Fountain of Youth / UK    EX/EX
Crosby & Nash     Live     ABC / USA    VG/VG
Crosby & Nash     Wind on the water     Polydor / IT    VG/VG
Crosby & Nash     Whistling down the wire    ABC / USA    VG/VG
Crosby Stills & Nash    CSN    Atlantic / IT    EX/EX
Crosby Stills Nash & Young    Nice To See You 2lp    Amazing Kornyphone Promo    VG/VG
Crosby, Nash and Young    Waterbrothers    Amazing Kornyphone Promo    VG/VG
Culpeperd's Orchard    Same     EU reissue    EX/EX
Cure    Incureble live Lyceum 1981    Promo    EX/EX
Cure    Getting old    Promo    EX/EX
Cure    "Lovesong 12"""    Elektra / UK    NM/NM
Cure    The Cure    Primary promo    VG/VG
Cure    Kiss me Kiss Me kiss Me 2lp    Fiction UK    NM/NM
Cure    "Fascination Street 12"" 3trks"    Fiction US    NM/NM
Cure    Entreat Live    Fiction UK    VG/VG
Cure     Best of early    Promo    EX/EX
Cure     After the Cure I'm alive and well    Promo    EX/EX
Cure     "Half an Octopus 10"""    Fiction / UK    EX/EX
Cykle    Same    Label records / RE    VG/VG
Damon     Song of a Gypsy    EU reissue    NM/NM
Dan Fogelberg     Souvenirs    EPIC / USA    G/G
Dark     Artefacts from the black museum    Acme / UK Ltd Ed    NM/NM
Dark     Round the edges    Akarma / IT / Re    NM/NM
Dark Cellars    Heavy Syrup    Alien Cactus / USA    NM/NM
Dark Fields     Same     ?    EX/EX
Dave Edmunds & Love Sculpture    Singles A's and B's    Harvest / UK    VG/VG
Dave Swarbrick    Swarbrick    Transatlantic / IT    VG/VG
David Bowie    Ziggy Stardust    RCA / IT    VG/VG
David Byrne    The Catherine Wheel    Sire / Germany    EX/EX
David Grisman     The DG Rounder Album    Rounder / USA    EX/EX
David Lindley El Rayo X    Win this record !    Asylum / NL    EX/EX
De Danann    Selected Jigs Reels & Songs    Intercord Xenophon / DE / RE    VG/VG
Dead Boys    The Return of the Living D.B.    Revenge / FR / 1st    VG/VG
Dead Boys    Young Loud and Snotty    Philips NL    VG/VG
Dead Boys    We Have Come For Your Children    Sire UK    VG/VG
Dead Boys    Night Of the Living Dead Boys    Bomp US    VG/VG
Dead Moon     In the graveyard    Tombstone / USA    NM/NM
Dick Heckstall Smith    A story ended    Bronze / IT    VG/EX
Died Pretty     Free Dirt    Citadel / Australia    EX/EX
Dino, Desi & Billy    I'm a fool     Reprise / USA    G/G
Dire Straits    Making Music    Vertigo / NL     VG/VG
Dire Straits    Communique    Phonogram DE    VG/VG
DMZ    Relics    Voxx Bomp US    VG/VG
Donovan    The Golden hour of    Orizzonte / IT    VG/VG
Donovan    Like It Is    Hickory US    VG/VG
Echo & the Bunnymen    "The back of love 12 """    Korova / UK     EX/EX
Echo and the Bunnymen    "A Promise/Broke Your Neck (live) 12"""    Korova / UK / 1st    VG/VG
Echo and the Bunnymen    Porcupine    Korova / DE / 1st    EX/EX
Eddie and the Hor Rods    Teenage Depression    Island / US / 1st    VG/VG
Eddie Cochran    Complete Box 5 lp W/ METAL NECKLACE    UA / F    VG/VG
Edoardo Bennato     La torre di babele    Ricordi / IT    VG/VG
Edoardo Bennato     Burattino senza fili    Ricordi / IT    VG/VG
Edoardo Bennato     I buoni e i cattivi    Ricordi / IT    VG/VG
Electric Light Orchestra    ELO    Jet / NL    NM/NM
Elias Hulk    Unchained    EU reissue    NM/NM
Elvis Presley    The 50 greatest hits 3lp    BMG DE    NM/NM
Emerson Lake & Palmer    Same     Cotillon / USA    VG/VG
English Subtitles     Original Dialogue    Gossip UK    NM/NM
Eric Burdon & the Animals    Greatest Hits     Polydor / USA    EX/EX
Eric Burdon & the Animals    Greatest Hits vol 2    Polydor / USA    EX/EX
Eva Cassidy    Songbird    Hot Records / AU    NM/NM
Fairport Convention    Liege & Lief    Ricordi Orizzonte / IT    VG/VG
Fantasy    Paint A Picture    Polydor / DE / Re    NM/NM
Finchley Boys    Practice Sessions    EVA / F    EX/EX
Fire     The Magic Shoemaker    PLM reissue / EU    EX/EX
Flamin' Groovies    One night stand    AIM Records ? AU    NM/NM
Flamin' Groovies    Supersnazz    EPIC / NL    NM/NM
Flamin' Groovies    Jumpin' in the night Live Vancouver    Acid Records / ?    NM/NM
Flamin' Groovies    Still Shakin'    Helidon YU    VG/VG
Flamin' Groovies    The Gold Star Tapes    Skydog F    VG/VG
Flamin' Groovies    "Bucketful of Brains + flexi 7"""    Voxx US    VG/VG
Flat Earth Society    Waleeco    Psycho UK re    VG/VG
Fleshtones    "American Beat Ep 12"" 4 tracks"    I.R.S. / NL /1st    VG/VG
Flibbertiggibet    Whistling Jigs to the moon    Thorn / ?    NM/NM
Foggy Dew-o    Born to take the highway    Decca / UK     VG/VG
Foggy Dew-o    Same     Decca / UK / 1st    VG/VG
Folli di Dio    Same    Psych out records / IT    EX/EX
Forest    Same    Habla / IT    EX/EX
Four Big Guitars from Texas    Trash Twang and Thunder    Demon / UK    NM/NM
Fra Lippo Lippi    "Say Something single 12 """    Uniton / UK    EX/EX
Francesco Guccini     Via Paolo Fabbri 43    EMI / IT    VG/G
Frank Zappa     Shut Up 'n Play Yer Guitar 3 lp    CBS Barking Pumpkin NL    NM/NM
Frank Zappa     Sleep Dirt    Discreet / IT    NM/NM
Frank Zappa     Studio Tan    Discreet / IT    NM/NM
Frank Zappa     Orchestral Favorites    Discreet / IT    NM/NM
Frank Zappa     The man from utopia    CBS / USA    NM/NM
Frank Zappa     Ship arriving too late to save a drowning witch    CBS / NL    NM/NM
Frank Zappa     You are what you is 2 lp    CBS / USA    EX/EX
Frank Zappa     Tinsel town rebellion 2 lp    CBS / USA    VG++/VG++
Frank Zappa     Pregnant ( best of )    Metro / Germany    VG++/VG++
Frank Zappa     Ruben & the Jets     Verve reissue    VG/VG
Frank Zappa     "Goblin girl 12"" picture disc"    Barking Pumpkin  / USA    EX/EX
Frank Zappa     "I Don't Wanna Get Drafted maxisingle 12"""    Polygram/ CAN     NM/NM
Frank Zappa     Leatherette 2Lps Promo    Lunar Toones / AUS 1978    NM/NM
Fred frith    Gravity    Ralph / USA    NM/NM
Freedom Children    Astra    EU reissue    EX/EX
Futura 2000    And his Escapades (music by the Clash)    Celluloid / F    EX/EX
Fuzztones    Live in Europe !    Music Maniac / EU    EX/EX
Game Theory    Distortion    Rational / USA    VG/VG
Gandalf the grey    The grey wizard am I    Heyoka reissue    EX/EX
Gang Of Four    "To Hell With Poverty + 4 12"" EP 5 tracks"    Warner Bros / US / 1st    EX/EX
Gang Of Four    Anthrax Marxsist    Promo     VG/VG
Garland Jeffreys     Escape Artist    CBS / IT    EX/EX
Gato Barbieri    Chapter 3 / Viva Emiliano Zapata    Impulse / USA RE    NM/NM
Gattch    Same     OPUS / Czech    G/VG
Gavin MacDonald     The Minstrel    EMI / IT    VG/EX
Gavin MacDonald     Lines    REGAL ZONOPHONE / UK    VG/VG
Gay and Terry Woods    Tender Hooks    Rockburgh / UK    VG/VG
Genesis     From Genesis to revelation     Decca / UK / 1st  W( INSERT STEREO    VG/VG
George Thorogood    More     Rounder / USA    NM/NM
George Thorogood & the D.    Better than the rest    MCA / IT    VG/VG
Giant Sand    Valley of Rain    Zippo / UK     EX/EX
Golden Gate Quartet    Best of    Columbia / IT    G/F
Gong     Camembert Electrique    Virgin / UK    EX/EX
Gong     You    Virgin / IT    G/VG
Graham Nash    Wild Tales    Atlantic US    VG/VG
Graham Nash    Songs For Beginners    CBS IT    VG/VG
Graham Parker    Live at Marble Arch    Phonogram / UK    VG/VG
Graham Parker & the Rumour    The Pink Parker    Vertigo / AU / Pink Vinyl    VG/VG
Graham Parker & The Rumour    Stick to me    Mercury / UK    VG/VG
Graham Parker & the Rumours    High Times / best of    Polygram / UK    VG/VG
Graham Parker and the Rumours    The Up-Escalator    Stiff UK re    VG/VG
Grand Theft    It's eating me alive    Reissue    NM/NM
Grateful Dead    Wake of the Flood    UA / IT    G/VG
Grateful Dead     Shakedown Street    Arista / USA    NM/NM
Great Society     Conspicuous only in it absence    Columbia / USA    VG/VG
Green On Red    No Free Lunch    Mercury / UK / 1st    NM/NM
Green on Red    Gas Food Lodging     Enigma / IT    NM/NM
Green on red    Two Bibles     EU Reissue    NM/NM
Greg Kihn    Next of Kihn     Beserkley / UK    EX/EX
Guru Guru    Der Elektrolurgh 2 lp NO POSTER RED    Brain / Germany    VG/VG
Guy van Duser & Billy Novick    Get yourself a new broom    Rounder / USA    EX/EX
Happy Traum    Relax Your Mind    Sonet UK    VG/VG
Happy Traum    American Stranger    Sonet UK    VG/VG
Hapshash & the Coloured Coat    Western Flier    Imperial / USA    EX/EX
Hapshash And The Coloured Coat    Featuring Human Host    Imperial US    VG/VG
Haymarket Square    Magic Lantern    Osmose EU Reissue    EX/EX
Headstone    Still Looking    Starr / USA    NM/NM
Herman's Hermits     Blaze    MGM / USA CO    NM/NM
Hot Tuna    Double Dose 2 lp    Grunt / USA    VG/VG
House of Freaks     Monkey on a chain Gang    Rhino / UK    EX/EX
Human Instinct    The Zodiac years 2 lp    Little wing of refugees / Germany    NM/NM
Human Instinct feat. Billy T.K.    Human Instict 1969-71 boxset 3lp    Little Wing / DE / Re    NM/NM
Hunger    Strictly From Hunger/The Lost Album box 2lp    Akarma / IT / Re    NM/NM
Hurrah !    Boxed     Kitchenware records / UK    NM/NM
Ian Akkerman     Tabernacle    ATCO / USA toc co    G/VG
Ian Campbell Folk Group    Same / with Swarbrick    EMI / UK    NM/NM
Ian Campbell Folk Group    Same with Dave Swarbrick    Music For Pleasure    G/G
ILLES    Box 5 lp    Favorit / Hungary    EX/EX
ILLES    Same    Pepita / Hungary    G/G
ILLES     The Story ZENEKAR    Qualiton / Hungary    VG/VG
Index    First Album    Voxx US    NM/NM
International Submarine Band    Safe at Home    Sundazed / USA    NM/NM
Iron Butterfly    In a gadda da vida    Atlantic / IT    VG/VG
Iron City Houserockers    Have a good time but ... get out alive !    MCA / USA    EX/EX
Iron City Houserockers    Blood on the bricks    MCA / USA CO    EX/EX
It's a Beautiful Day    At Carnegie Hall    CBS / NL    EX/EX
It's a beautiful day    Marrying Maiden    CBS / NL    EX/EX
It's a beautiful day    Choice Quality Stuff    CBS / NL    EX/EX
J.J.Cale    Shades     Shelter / germany    NM/NM
J.J.Cale    Naturally    Shelter/ UK    EX/EX
J.J.Cale    Okie    EMI / UK    EX/EX
J.J.Cale    Really    Ariston / IT    VG/VG
J.J.Cale    Troubadour    Ariston / IT    VG/VG
J.J.Cale    Five    Shelter / Germany    VG/VG
Jack Green    Reverse Logic    MCA / USA CO    EX/EX
Jackie MacAuley    Same    PYE / USA    VG/VG
Jackson Browne    Hold out    WEA / Germany    NM/NM
James Talley    Got No Bread    Capitol US    VG/VG
James Talley    Tryin' Like The Devil    Capitol US    VG/VG
James Taylor    Greatest Hits    Warner Bros US    VG/VG
Janis Joplin    Greatest Hits    CBS / Yugo    NM/NM
Jazzateers    Same    Rough Trade / UK / 1st     VG++/VG++
Jean Luc Ponty    King Kong    United Artists / ITA    VG/VG
Jefferson Airplane    After Bathing at Baxters mono 1st    RCA US    VG/G
Jefferson Airplane    Surrealistic Pillow mono 1st    RCA US    VG/G
Jefferson Airplane     After bathing at Baxter's    RCA / USA 3RD    VG/VG
Jefferson Starship    Dragon Fly    Grunt / IT    VG/VG
Jefferson Starship     Red octopus    Grunt / Italy    VG/VG
Jessie Harper    Shades Of The Midnight Sun re    Acme    VG/VG
Jim and Ingrid Croce     Croce First Album    Capitol / NL    VG/VG
Jim Carroll Band    Dry Dreams    CBS / NL    VG/VG
Jim Croce     The Faces I've been 2LP    Lifesong / USA    EX/EX
Jim Croce     Live / The final tour    Essential Records / UK    EX/EX
Jimi Hendrix    Electric Ladyland 2 lp    MCA / USA RE    VG/NM
Jimi Hendrix    Electric Ladyland 2 lp    Polydor / Yugo    VG/NM
Jimmy Lewis and the Checkers    Yeah, right     Bomp / USA    VG/VG
Joe Cocker    Mad Dogs and Englishmen re 2lp    A&M US    VG/VG
Joe Ely    Live Shots     Yugoton    VG/VG
Joe Farrell     Moon Germs    CBS / IT    VG/VG
Joe South    Games People Play    Capitol / US  / 1st cut-hole    VG/VG
Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros    Global a Go-go    Hellcat NL    NM/NM
John Cale     Sabotage / Live    Spy / IRS / USA    NM/NM
John Cale & Terry Riley    Church of Anthrax    CBS / UK / Re    VG/VG
John Cougar     American Fool    WEA Germany    EX/EX
John Cougar     Nothing matters and what if it did     WEA / Germany    EX/EX
John Denver     Greatest Hits     RCA / USA    G/G
John Denver     Greatest Hits vol 2    RCA / IT    G/G
John Martyn     Solid Air     Island / UK    VG/VG
John Mayall     Back to the roots 2 lp    Polydor / USA    VG/VG
John Renbourn    Faro Annie    Reprise US 2nd    VG/VG
John Sebastian    Real Live    Reprise US       G/G
John Stanfield    Carolina 12 strings    Fretless / USA    VG/VG
Johnny Cash    Live in Prague    Supraphon / Czech    VG/G
Jonathan Richman & the ML    Rockin and romance     Virgin / UK    VG/VG
Jonathan Richman & the ML    Same    Beserkley / Canada    EX/EX
Joni  Mitchell    Don Juan's reckless daughter    Suzy / Yugo    VG/VG
Joni Mitchell     Shadow and light 2 lp    Asylum / USA    EX/EX
Joni Mitchell     For the Roses    Asylum / USA    G/G
Josefus    Dead Man    EVA / F    VG/VG
Josefus    Get off my case    Epilogue records / USA    VG/VG
Jowe Head     Pincer movement    Hedonic records / UK    VG/VG
Joy Division    Bain Douches 2 lp    Promo    EX/EX
Joy Division    Morituri te salutant    Promo    EX/EX
Joy Division    Here are the young men    Promo    EX/EX
Joy Division    Winter gardens / Eric's    Promo    EX/EX
Joy Division    Bowdon Vale     Promo    EX/EX
Joy Division    Komackino Picture Disc    Promo    EX/EX
Joy Division    Warsaw    Promo    VG/VG
Joy Division    Shadowplay    Promo    EX/EX
Joy Division    Warsaw Picture disc    Promo    EX/EX
Joy Division    An ideal for killing / Warsaw    Promo    EX/EX
Joy Division    How many echies are there    Promo    EX/EX
Joy Division    Walk away ... in silence    Promo    EX/EX
Joy Division    Closer    Zona Records Lithuania    NM/NM
Joy Division    Unknown Pleasures    Zona Records Lithuania    NM/NM
Joy Division    Gruftgesaenge 2lp    promo Democrazy Records    VG/VG
Joy Division    Komackino    promo JD recs UK    VG/VG
Joy Division    Last Order    promo Raven UK    VG/VG
Joy Division    Warsaw    promo RZM    NM/NM
Joy Division    Peel Sessions    Strange Fruit UK    NM/NM
Joy Division    Still 2lp     Base Records IT    VG/VG
Joy Division    An Ideal For Living picture disc    promo    VG/VG
Joy Division    An Ideal For Living     promo    VG/VG
Joy Division     Unreleased demos    Promo    EX/EX
Joy Division     Atrocity Exhibition    Promo    VG/VG
Joy Division     Try to cure yourself    Promo    EX/EX
Joy Division     A retrospective Part 2    Promo    EX/EX
Joy Division     Russell Club    Promo    EX/EX
Joy Division     Live Transmission ... Dance to the radio    Promo    EX/EX
Joy Divison     Box File 3 lp    Promo    NM/NM
Juicy Groove    First Taste    Payola / US / 1st    EX/EX
Kaleidoscope     Bacon from Mars    EDSEL / UK    EX/EX
Kaleidoscope     Rampe`Rampe`    EDSEL / UK    EX/EX
Karla Bonoff    Restless nights    CBS / USA    NM/NM
King Crimson     Earthbound    Island / IT    VG/VG
King Crimson     Starless and bible black    Polidor / Germany    EX/EX
Kristyl    Same re    Hype    VG/VG
L. Shankar    Touch Me Therre    Zappa Phonogram / DE    EX/EX
Laibach    Opus Dei    Yugoton    VG/VG
Lazy Smoke    Corridor of Faces     EU Reissue    EX/EX
Led Zeppelin     Second    Atlantic / IT    G/G
Leo Kottke    Balance     Chrysalis / IT    VG/VG
Leo Kottke    Same     Chrysalis / IT    VG/VG
Leo Kottke    Dreams and all that stuff    Capitol US    VG/VG
Leo Kottke     Chewing Pine    EMI / UK    VG/VG
Leonard Cohen    Songs From a Room    Columbia US    VG/VG
LeRoi Brothers     Check this action     Jungle Records / USA    VG/VG
LeRoi Brothers     Lucky Lucky Me     New Rose / F    VG/VG
LeRoi Brothers     Fight fire with fire EP    New Rose / F    VG/VG
LeRoi Brothers     Forget about the danger think of the fun    Columbia US    VG/VG
Les Sultans    Vol. 2    Idole / CA / 1st    G/VG
Lime Spiders    "Slave Girl EP 6 trks 12"""    Hybrid UK    VG/VG
Lime Spiders    The Cave Comes Alive picture disc    Virgin UK    VG/VG
Lime Spiders     Weirdo libido EP    Virgin / UK    VG/VG
Litter    Rare tracks    EVA / F    VG/VG
Litter    Emerge    Probe / USA    VG/VG
Little Steven and the Discipl.of s.    Men without women    EMI / NL    EX/EX
Little Steven and the Discipl.of s.    "Solidarity 12 """    EMI / USA     EX/EX
Live Wire     Same    A & M / UK    VG/VG
Loose gravel     Same EP    Glory / F    VG/VG
Lords of the New Church    Is Nothing Sacred?    Illegal NL    VG/VG
Los Lobos    By the light of the moon    Jugoton / Yugo    EX/EX
Los Lobos    Will the Wolf Survive    London US    VG/VG
Lost & Found     Everybody's here    Reissue    VG/VG
Lou Reed     Rock n roll animal    MCA / USA    VG/VG
LOuis Armstrong     In Prague Lucerna Hall 1965    Panton / CZ    NM/VG
Love    Best of Love    Rhino / USA    EX/EX
Love    Forever Changes    Sundazed US    NM/NM
Lynyrd Skynyrd    Street Survivors    MCA / IT    VG/VG
Lyres    Lyres Box set # 1818/3000    New Rose / F / Ltd Ed Coloured vinyl    NM/NM
Madness    Absolutely    Stiff / UK     VG/VG
Madness    One step beyond    Stiff / UK     VG/VG
Magic     Enclosed    Hyp / EU reissue    NM/NM
Majic Ship     Same     Heyoka / UK    EX/EX
Mandrake Paddle Steamer    Same    Promo / UK reissue    NM/NM
Manfred Mann     The five faces of     EMI / UK MONO 1st    G/G
Marcel Dadi     Nashville Memories    GIV / F CO    G/G
Mariani     Perpetuum Mobile    Reissue EU    EX/EX
Mario Schifano    Le Stelle di RED VINYL    Akarma / IT / Re    NM/NM
Markley    A Group    Forward / USA    EX/EX
Martha and the Muffins    Metro Music    Virgin / IT    VG/VG
Martin Carthy    Sweet Wivelsfield    Rounder US    VG/VG
Marty Willson-Piper    In reflection    Chase Records / AU    EX/EX
Marty Willson-Piper    Art Attack    Borderline records / AU    EX/EX
Marty Willson-Piper    Rhyme    Ryko Analogue / USA    EX/EX
Mason Proffit    Rockfish crossing    WB / USA    VG/VG
Mason Proffit    Last Night I had the strangest dream    AMPEX / USA    VG/VG
Math Bats    Bat Day    Tonite / USA    EX/EX
Maury Muehleisen    Gingerbread    Capitol US    VG/VG
MC 5    Kick out the jams    Suzy / YU    VG/VG
McGuinN Hillman & Clark    City    Capitol / USA    VG/VG
Mekons    So good it hurst    Cooking Vinyl / IT    EX/EX
Merrel Fankhauser & HMS Bounty    Same    Shamley US    G/VG
Michael Chapman    Window    CBS / IT / 1st    VG/VG
Mick Farren    Vampires stole my lunch money    LOGO / Germany co    VG/VG
Mick Wills     Fern Hill    Fern Hill / UK    EX/EX
Mike Wilhelm     & The Frisco Jammers    New Rose / F    EX/EX
Mike Wilhelm     Wilhelm    UA / UK    EX/EX
Mink DeVille    Each Song Is A Bit of My Heart    Atlantic DE    VG/VG
Mirkwood    Same     REN / EU reissue    EX/EX
Modern Lovers    Same    Mohawk US    VG/VG
Modern Lovers    Live    Beserkley UK    VG/VG
Moon Martin     Escape from Domination    EMI / USA     EX/EX
Morly Grey    The Only Truth    Starshine / USA RE    EX/EX
Motions     Songbook    Teen beat / NL    G/G
Mourning Phase    Same    Eden UK    VG/VG
Moving Sidewalks    99th floor    EVA / F    VG/VG
Mutantes     Tecnicolor    F pressing    EX/EX
MX80 Sounds    Hard Attack    Island UK    VG/VG
MX80 Sounds    Crowd Control    Ralph US    NM/NM
MX80 Sounds    Out of the Tunnel    Ralph US    VG/VG
Naked Prey    Under the Blue Marlin    Zippo / UK / 1st    EX/EX
Naz Nomad & the Nightmares    Give Daddy the knife, Cindy pink vinyl    Big Beat / UK    NM/NM
Neil Young    Comes a time    WB / IT    VG/VG
Neil Young    Rust never sleeps    WB / IT    VG/VG
New Colony Six    Breakthrough    Sentar US    VG/G
New Order    They Came…We Saw…Their Music Conquered    Unknown / IT / Promo    EX/EX
New Order    Same    Unknown / IT / Promo   
New Order    New Order were Joy Divsion white vinyl    Under the Sun / UK / Promo    EX/EX
New Order    06 21 82 2lp    Unknown / IT / Promo    EX/EX
New Order    Peel sessions    Strange Fruit UK    NM/NM
New Order    e.p.    promo UK     VG/VG
New Order     Vinyl Solution    Promo    EX/EX
New Order     Dreams of Temptation    Promo    EX/EX
New Riders    The Adventures Of Panama red    CBS UK    VG/VG
Nick Drake    Time Has Told Me 3lp     Promo    VG/VG
Nick Drake    18 Rare Home Recordings    Anthology IT    NM/NM
Nick Lowe     Labour of lust    Columbia Canada    EX/EX
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band    Dirt, Silever and Gold 3 lp    UA / USA    VG/VG
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band    Uncle Charlie & his dog Teddy    Liberty / USA    VG/VG
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band    Stars & Stripes forever    UA / Germany    VG/VG
Norman Blake    Old and new     Flying Fish / USA    VG/VG
Nova Local    Nova 1    Decca / USA    VG/VG
Nucleus    Elastic Rock    Phonogram IT    VG/VG
Oasis    Heathen Chemistry 2 lp    Helter Skelter / UK    EX/EX
Oasis    Standing on the shoulder of giants    Helter Skelter / UK    EX/EX
Oasis    "Live forever 12"""    Creation / UK    EX/EX
Oasis    Be Here Now with insert    Helter Skelter UK    NM/NM
Omega    Elo    Pepita / Hungary    VG/VG
Omega     Same     Qualiton / Hungary    VG/VG
Omega 5    Same    Pepita / Hungary    VG/VG
Omega 6    Nem tudom a neved    Pepita / Hungary    VG/VG
Omega 7     Idorablo     Pepita / Hungary    VG/VG
Outskists of Infinity    Lord of the dark skies    Woronzow / UK / Signed    VG/VG
Owen - B    Same    Musicol Re    VG/VG
Papa John Creach    Same    Grunt US    VG/VG
Paraziti    Bad Joke    Rebel Music / RO    NM/NM
Parchment    Hollywood Sunset    Oye / UK    EX/EX
Patti Smith    Horses    Arista IT    VG/VG
Patti Smith    Wave    Arista IT    VG/VG
Patti Smith    Radio Ethiopia    Arista UK    VG/VG
Paul McCartney    USSR Version    Melodia / Russia    EX/EX
Paul Simon    Graceland    WB / Greece    VG/VG
Pete Seeger     "Darling Corey 10"""    Folkways / USA    VG/VG
Peter Frampton     Comes Alive picture disc    A & M / USA Lt Ed    VG/VG
Peter Green    The end of the game    Charterline / IT    EX/EX
Peter Green    In the skies    GIP / UK    EX/EX
Peter Koppes    Manchild & Myth    Session / AU    EX/EX
Peter Tosh    Mystic man    Rolling Stones / IT    VG/VG
Phil Ochs    All the news that's fit to sing    Charterline / IT    VG/VG
Phoebe Smith    Once I had a true love    Topic / UK    VG/VG
Pink Military    Do animals believe in god ?     Eric's / UK    VG/VG
Plastic Cloud     Same     EU Reissue    VG/VG
Police     Synchronicity    A&M / Germany    VG/VG
Police     Zenyatta Mondatta    A&M / NL    VG/VG
Prefab Sprout    Swoon    Kitchenware records / UK    EX/EX
Pretenders    Same    Warner / UK    VG/VG
Pretenders     Get Close    WEA / Greece    VG/VG
Psychedelic Furs    Midnight to midnight    Columbia / Canada    NM/NM
Psychedelic Furs    "Pretty in pink 12"" white label"    CBS / UK    NM/NM
Psychedelic Furs    "Love my way 12"""    Columbia / USA    NM/NM
Psychedelic Furs    "Danger 12"""    CBS / UK    NM/NM
Psychedelic Furs    "Heaven 12"""    CBS / UK    NM/NM
Psychedelic Furs    "The Ghost in you 12"""    CBS / USA    NM/NM
Psychedelic Furs    "Love my way 12"""    CBS / USA    NM/NM
Psychedelic Furs    "I Don't Want To Be Your Shadow 12"""    CBS UK    NM/NM
Psychedelic Furs    We won't hear them like this anymore ..    Promo    VG/VG
Quicksilver Messenger Service    Maiden of the cancer moon    Psycho / UK    EX/EX
R.E.M.    Fables of     IRS US    NM/NM
R.E.M.    Reckoning    IRS UK    NM/NM
Radio Birdman    The Essential Radio Birdman (1974-1978)    Sub Pop / US / 1st    EX/EX
Rain Parade    Beyond the Sunset     Island / UK    EX/EX
Rainbow Red Oxidizer    Recoorded Lies    Quark Bomp / USA    VG/VG
Rainy Day    Same     Llama records / USA    NM/NM
Ralph Mc Tell    Easy    Reprise / UK    VG/VG
Ralph Mc Tell    To you well meaning brought me here    Famous / UK    VG/VG
Randy Newman     Little Criminals    WEA / Canada    EX/EX
Rank & File     Long Gone Dead    Slash / USA    VG/VG
Rank & File     Sundown    Slash / USA    NM/NM
Rasputin and the Monks    Same    EU Reissue    EX/EX
Raw material    Time is ...    RCA Neon / Reissue     EX/EX
Raw material    Same    Evolution / Reissue    EX/EX
Red Chair Fadeaway    Curioser and curioser ...    Tangerine / UK    NM/NM
Reg Laws     "Rebel 12"""    Chrysalis / UK    VG/VG
Reign Ghost    Same    EU reissue    NM/NM
Reign Ghost    Featuring Lynda Squires    EU reissue    NM/NM
Riccardo Zappa    Celestion    Divergo / IT    VG/VG
Rick Wakeman    The six wives of Henry VIII    A & M / IT    VG/VG
Rising Sons    Same    Sundazed / US / Re    EX/EX
Robbie Basho    Visions Of The Country    WindHam Hill US    NM/NM
Robert Fripp    Exposure    Polydor / IT    VG/VG
Roger McGuinn    Same    CBS / USA    VG/VG
Roky Erickson and the Aliens     The Evil One    415 / USA    VG++/VG++
Rolling Stones    Tattoo You    Jugoton / Yugo    VG/VG
Rolling Stones    BBC Radio 1963 - 65    Promo    EX/EX
Rolling Stones     Flowers     London / USA / Mono    G/G
Rolling Stones     Sticky Fingers     Ricordi / IT    G/G
Rolling Stones     Now !    London / USA / Mono    VG/VG
Rolling Stones     30 Greatest Hits 2 lp    ABKO / IT    VG/VG
Rolling Stones     Some girls    EMI / IT    VG/VG
Roxy Music    Greatest Hits    Polydor Records / UK    VG/VG
Roy Harper    1970-1975    Chrysalis / USA    VG/VG
Rust Underground     Come With Me    Hor Zu DE    G/G
Ry Cooder    The Longryders    WB / USA    EX/EX
Ry Cooder     "Crazy 'bout an automobile EP 12"""    WB / UK    EX/EX
Safety Last    Struck by Love    Twin tone records / USA    EX/EX
Safety Last    Same    Twin tone records / USA    EX/EX
Salvation    Same    ABC / USA    VG/EX
Sam Lightnin Hopkins    Collection    Joker / IT    VG/VG
Second Hand    Death may be your Santa Claus    Mushroom / Reissue    VG/VG
Section 25    The Key of Dreams    Factory Benelux    VG/VG
Section 25    "The Beast 12"" 4 trks"    Factory UK    VG/VG
Sex Pistols     Never Mind the bollocks    Virgin / UK / Picture disc    VG/VG
Shide & Acorn    Under the tree    Acme / UK Ltd Ed    EX/EX
Silvertones    One chance wirh you    Blind Pig records / USA    VG/VG
Simon & Garfunkel    Parsley, Sage, Rosemary    Columbia US mono    VG/G
Sindelfingen    Odgipig 2lp re    Cenotaph UK    NM/NM
Siouxsie and the Banshees    "Spellbound Maxi 12"" 3 tracks"    Polydor / UK / 1st    EX/EX
Skiantos     Mono tono    Cramps / IT    VG/VG
Small Faces     Greatest Hits    Immediate / IT reissue    VG/VG
Social Distortions    Live Heat    Promo     VG/VG
Social Distortions    More Girls More Cars ep 1 side only 6 trks    Promo    VG/VG
Social Distortions    Live and Demo Recordings    Promo    NM/NM
Soft Boys     A Can of Bees    Two Crabs / UK    VG/VG
Soft Machine     Seven    CBS / UK    VG/VG
Southside Johnny & the A.J.    This time is for real     EPIC / USA    VG/VG
Space Farm    Going Home To Eternity    Little wing of refugees / Germany    NM/NM
Specials    Same    Chrysalis / IT    VG/VG
SRC    The revenge of the quackenbush brothers    BAM Caruso / UK    EX/EX
St Steven    Same    Probe reissue / EU ?    VG/VG
Steel Mill    Green eyed Gods    Bellaphon DE    VG/VG
Steeleye Span    Rocket cottage    Chrysalis / IT    VG/VG
SteEleye Span    Storm Force ten    Chrysalis/  UK    VG/VG
Stefan Grossman & J.Renbourn    Same    Sonet / UK    NM/NM
Stephen Stills     Second    Atlantic / IT    VG/VG
Steppenwolf     Born to be wild    Ariola / Germany    VG/VG
Steve Forbert    Alive on arrival    Nemperor / Canada    VG/VG
Steve Kilbey    Earthed    Red Eye / AU / 1st    NM/NM
Steve Kilbey    Unearthed    Red Eye / Au / 1st    NM/NM
Steve Kilbey    The Slow Crack     Red Eye / AU / 1st    NM/NM
Steve Miller Band    Fly Like An Eagle    Capitol US    VG/VG
Steve Tilston    Life By Misadventure    Run River / UK / 1st    EX/EX
Steve Vai    Warfare    Relativity / USA    NM/NM
Steve Winwood     Back in the high life     Virgin / Greece    VG/VG
Stiff Little Fingers    Nobody's Hero    Stiff / IT    VG/VG
Stiv Bators     The Lord and the New Creatures    Lolita / F    NM/NM
Stomu Yamash'ta    The man from the east    Island / Italy    VG/VG
Suicide    Same + live flexi Brussels    Red Star US    VG/VG
Sunnyboys    Get Some Fun    Mushroom / AU    EX/EX
Sunnyboys    Real Live    Mushroom / AU    EX/EX
Sunnyboys    Show me some discipline    Virgin /F    EX/EX
Sunnyboys    Days are gone 2 lp    Closer / F    EX/EX
SVT    Extended Play    415 Records US    VG/VG
SVT    No Regrets    MSI US    VG/VG
Sweet Smoke    Just a poke    Electrola / Germany    VG/VG
Talisman     Primrose Dreams     Argo UK    VG/VG
Talking heads    "Houses in Motion 12"" 3 tracks"    Sire / DE / 1st    EX/EX
Talking Heads    Stripes Live     Promo IT    VG/VG
Talking Heads    Naked    Jugoton YU    VG/VG
Talking Heads    "Cities 12"" 3trks"    Sire US    VG/VG
Talking Heads    The Warner Bros Music Show promotional    Sire US    VG/VG
Talking Heads     "Wild Wild Life 12"""    EMI / UK    EX/EX
Tav Falco & Panther Burns    "Shake Rag EP 12"" + Live"    New Rose / FR / 1st    NM/NM
Tav Falco & Panther Burns    Behind the Magnolia curtain    Rough Trade / UK     VG/VG
Tav Falco & Panther Burns    Blow your top    Fan Club ?    VG/VG
Tears for Fears    "Pale Shelter 12 """    Mercury / UK     VG/VG
Television    Arrow white cover    Unknown / IT / Promo    VG/VG
Television    "Foxhole 12 """    Elektra / UK Red vinyl    VG/VG
Tell Tale hearts    The now sound of    Voxx / USA Mono    EX/EX
Ten Years After    Watt    London / USA     VG/VG
Ten Years After    Cricklewood green     Deram / USA    VG/VG
The  Boomtown Rats    Best of    Mercury / Yugo    VG/VG
The Atlantics     Big City Rocks    ABC / F    VG/G
The Band    The Last Waltz 3 lp    WB / USA    VG/VG
The Barracudas    Live 1983    Coyote Records / F    NM/NM
The Barracudas    "The garbage dump tapes ! + 7"" flexi"    Shakin' Street / F    NM/NM
The Barracudas    "House of Kicks 12"" 2 trks"    Flicknife    NM/NM
The Beach Boys    Pet Sounds Re    Capitol US    NM/NM
The Beatles    Hard Days Night    Apple UK laminated mono re    VG/VG
The Beatles    1962-1966 Red vinyl 2lp    Apple UK       VG/VG
The Beatles    1967-1970 Blue vinyl 2lp    Apple UK    VG/VG
The Beatnik Flies    From parts unknown    Dacoit / Canada    NM/NM
The Blue Bus    Your mind's moving too fast    VEE Records / Germany    EX/EX
The Bluethings    Story vol 1    Cicadelic US    NM/NM
The Bluethings    Story vol 2    Cicadelic US    NM/NM
The Bluethings    Story vol 3    Cicadelic US    NM/NM
The Bootles     Same (Beatles covers)    Bulgaria    VG/VG
The Brogues    "EP Don't shoot me down 12 """    Line / Germany    NM/NM
The Byrds    Untitled 2 lp    Columbia / USA    VG/VG
The Byrds    Byrdmaniax    Columbia / USA    VG/VG
The Byrds    History of the Byrds 2 lp    CBS / NL    VG/VG
The Byrds    Original Singles vol 1    CBS UK    VG/VG
The Byrds    Original Singles vol 2    CBS UK    VG/VG
The Byrds    Byrds play Dylan    Columbia US re    VG/VG
The Byrds    Preflyte    Poptones UK    VG/VG
The Byrds    Doin' Alright For The Old People    Excitable Recordworks Promo    VG/VG
The Charlatans    Same    Groucho / IT    NM/NM
The Charlatans     Same    Eva F    VG/VG
The Chieftains    Bonaparte's Retreat    Polydor / Germany    EX/EX
The Church    Sometime anywhere 2 lp    Arista / USA    NM/NM
The Church    Gold Afternoon Fix    Arista / USA    NM/NM
The Church    Sum of the Parts    Arista / USA PROMO    NM/NM
The Church    Starfish    Arista / USA + Flexi discs    NM/NM
The Church    "Under the milky way 12"""    Arista / UK    NM/NM
The Church    "Anna Miranda 12"""    Arista / UK + flexi    NM/NM
The Church    Hindsight 80-87 2lp    EMI AU    NM/NM
The Creation    How does it feel    EDSEL / UK    EX/EX
The Creation    Biff Bang Pow ! 2 lp    Retroactive / USA    NM/NM
The Creation     Making time 2 lp    Retroactive / UK    NM/NM
The Creeping Candles    Flesh    What's so funny about / Germany    VG/VG
The Crystal Set     From Now On     Red Eye / AU / 1st    VG/VG
The Cynics     Blue Train Station    Get Hip Records / Canada Blue vinyl    EX/EX
The Dead Milkmen    Big Lizard in my backyard    Enigma / NL    EX/EX
The Dead Parrots Society     St Cecilia    Midnight Music / UK    EX/EX
The Del Lords    Johnny comes marching home    EMI / USA     EX/EX
The Del-Byzanteens    Lies To Live By    Don't Fall Off the Mountain / UK / 1st    VG/VG
The Deviants    Black tracks    Total Energy / UK red vinyl    NM/NM
The Deviants     Ptoof    Reissue    EX/EX
The Dictators    Same    Pro Tempore / US / 1st    EX/EX
The Dictators    Bloodbrothers    Asylum / USA    EX/EX
The Doors    Critique    Deja Vu records / USA    EX/EX
The Doors    Resurrection 2 lp    Paris records / F    EX/EX
The Doors    The Soft Parade    Elektra / Germany    EX/EX
The Doors    Same    WEA / Greece    VG/VG
The Doors     An American Prayer    Elektra / IT    VG/VG
The Dubliners    Drinkin' & Courtin'    Major Minor / UK / 1st    VG/VG
The Electric light Orchestra    Same     Jet / USA    VG/VG
The Electric Prunes    I had too much to dream last night    WEA / Germany    EX/EX
The Electric Prunes    Mass in F Minor    Reprise / DE / 1st    EX/EX
The Fabulous Thunderbirds    What's the Word    Chrysalis / DE / 1st    VG/VG
The Fabulous Thunderbirds    Girls go wild    Takoma / USA    VG/VG
The Factory    The Complete Recordings    Headstogether Records / UK    EX/EX
The Federals    Solist : Tony Bolton    Electrorecord / RO    G/G
The Feelies    Crazy Rhythms    Stiff Records / F    EX/EX
The Fibonaccis    Same    Index / USA EP    VG/VG
The Flock    Same    CBS / IT    VG/VG
The Flower pot men    Let's go to San Francisco    Teldec / Germany    VG/VG
The Flowerz    Flyte    Get Hip Records / USA    EX/EX
The Flying Burrito bros    Last of the Red Hot Burritos    A&M / IT    VG/VG
The Flying Burrito bros    Same    A & M / IT    VG/VG
The Flying Burrito Bros    Close up the Honky Tonk    A&M UK    VG/VG
The Framus Five    Blues in soul    Supraphon / Czech    EX/EX
The Fraternity Of Man    Same    ABC US    G/VG
The Go Betweens    Very quick on the eye Brisbane 1981    Man Made Records / AU    EX/EX
The Go Betweens    "Head full of steam 12"""    Beggars Banquet / UK     NM/NM
The Go Betweens    "Spring Rain 12"""    Beggars Banquet / F    NM/NM
The Go-Betweens    16 Lovers Lane    Beggars Banquet / UK / 1st    EX/EX
The Go-Betweens    "Part Company 12 "" 3 trks"    Sire UK    NM/NM
The Go-Betweens    Bachelor Kisses    Sire UK    VG/VG
The Guess Who    Shakin' all over ! 2 lp    Sundazed / USA    NM/NM
The Hangmen    Bitter Sweet    Monument / USA    G/VG
The Ha'pennys    Love Is Not the Same - Mono    Resurrection / US / Re    VG/VG
The Happy Dragon Band    Same    Fiddlers / US / Re    EX/EX
The Haunted    Return from The Grave    Voxx US    VG/VG
The Haunted    I'm Gonna Blow My Mind    Voxx US    VG/VG
The Head Shop    Same     EPIC / USA CO    EX/EX
The Inmates    Shot in the dark    Radar / Germany    EX/EX
The Jam    "The Bitterest pill 12 """    Polygram / UK    EX/EX
The Jam    The Peel Sessions    Strange Fruit / UK     EX/EX
The Jam    The Bitterest Split    Promo    EX/EX
The Jam    Set Tokyo ablaze    Promo    EX/EX
The Jam    Snap! 2lp    Polydor UK    NM/NM
The Jam    "Beat Surrender 5 trks 12"""    Polydor UK    NM/NM
The Jam    "Precious 2 trks 12"""    Polydor UK    NM/NM
The Jesus and Mary Chain    Barbed Wire Kisses    Blanco y Negro    VG/VG
The Kinks     Low Budget    Arista / UK    EX/EX
The Kitchen Cinq    Everything But - Mono    LHI / US / 1st    EX/EX
The Last    L.A. Explosion     Bomp US    VG/VG
The Legendary Pink Dots    The Tower    In Phaze / UK / 1st    EX/EX
The Legendary Pink Dots    Asylum    BIAS12 / ?? / 1st    EX/EX
The Legendary Pink Dots    Faces in the fire    Play it again Sam / Belgium    EX/EX
The Legendary Pink Dots    The Lovers    Ding Dong / NL    EX/EX
The Litter    $100 Fine re    Hexagon EU    VG/VG
The Litter    Same re    Eva F    VG/VG
The Living Daylights    Anyway you want    In Phaze / UK / 1st    EX/EX
The Lollipop Shoppe    Just Colour re    UNI US    VG/VG
The London Beats     Same    Pronit / Poland    VG/VG
The Long Ryders    Native Sons    Zippo UK    VG/VG
The Lords of the New Church    The Method to our Madness    IRS / NL    NM/NM
The Love Exchange    Same    Capitol / USA    NM/NM
The Loved Ones     Magic Box    Astor / UK    VG/VG
The Magic Carpet    Same    Reissue    EX/EX
The Masters Apprentices    Jam It Up    Raven AU    NM/NM
The Masters Apprentices     Sames     Astor / AU 1st pressing / poor conditions    P/P
The Matadors    Same    Supraphon / Czech    VG/VG
The Missing Links    Same    Raven AU mono    NM/NM
The Misunderstood    Golden glass    Time stood still / F    EX/EX
The Misunderstood    "Golden glass 12"""    Time stood still / UK    NM/NM
The Misunderstood    "Golden glass 2 X12"""    Get back / IT    NM/NM
The Monkees    Same    Special / IT    VG/VG
The Monochrome Set    Strange Boutique    Virgin / UK    EX/EX
The Mops    Psychedelic sounds in Japan    Perfect Sound / UK    EX/EX
The Morlocks    Submerged Alive    Epitaph / US / 1st    EX/EX
The Morning Dew     Cut the chatter !    Caped Crusader / USA    EX/EX
The Morticians    She's Like Heroin    Distortion / UK / 1st    EX/EX
The Morticians    Freak Out with     Tin Soldier / UK / 1st    EX/EX
The Moving Sidewalks    Flash    Tantara / EU Reissue    VG/VG
The Mummies    Runnin' On Empty volume Two    Estrus / US / 1st    EX/EX
The Mummies    Runnin' on Empty volume One    Estrus / US / 1st    EX/EX
The Music Explosion    Little bit o'soul    Laurie records / USA    VG/G
The Music Machine    The best of    Rhino / USA    NM/NM
The Nice    Hang on to a dream    EMI / IT    VG/G
THE Nomads    Psycho Live     Magic notes / UK ? PROMO    NM/NM
The Nomads    Temptation pays double    Virgin / F    EX/EX
The Nomads    Where the wolf bane blooms    Closer / F    EX/EX
The Nuns    Same    Bomp US    VG/VG
The Only Ones    Even Serpents Shine    CBS UK    VG/VG
The Only Ones    Same    CBS UK    VG/VG
The Only Ones    Baby's Got A Gun    Epic US    VG/VG
The Only Ones    Special View    Epic US    VG/VG
The Only Ones    Remains    Closer New Rose F    VG/VG
The Plimsouls    (Everywhere At Once)    Geffen / NL / 1st    EX/EX
The Pogues    Rum Sodomy    RTL YU    VG/VG
The Real Kids    All Kinda Jerks Live    New Rose / FR / 1st    EX/EX
The Real Kids    Outta Place    New Rose / FR / 1st    EX/EX
The Real Kids    Same    Red Star / IT / White Promo    EX/EX
The Records    "Shades in Bed + High Heels 12"" EP"    Virgin / UK 71st    VG/VG
The Records    Crashes    Virgin / UK / 1st    VG/VG
The Remains    Diddy Wah Diddy    EVA / F    VG/VG
The Residents    George & James    Ralph / DE / Re    EX/EX
The Residents    Mark of the Mole    Ralph / USA    EX/EX
The Residents    Residue    Ralph / USA    EX/EX
The Residents    The tunes of two cities    Ralph / USA    EX/EX
The Rising Storm    Calm before ...    EVA / F    VG/VG
The Rokes     These were    RCA / IT    VG/VG
The Saints     I'm stranded     Sire / USA    EX/EX
The Scorpions    Hello Josephine    CNR / NL    VG/VG
The Secret Syde    Hidden Secrets    Mutha / US / 1st    EX/EX
The Seeds    Raw and Alive    Pickwick US    NM/NM
The Seeing Eye Gods    Same    Epitaph US    NM/NM
The Seldom Scene    Baptizing    Rebel US    VG/VG
The Shadows of Knight     Gloria    Radar / UK    VG/VG
The Shaggs    Wink    EU Reissue    VG/VG
The Sir Douglas Quintet    Is Back !    Beat Rocket / USA Mono    EX/EX
The Skunks    Same    Republic US    NM/NM
The Sleepers    Painless Nights    Adolescent Records US    VG/VG
The Smiths    "How Soon Is Now? 12"" single 3-tracks"    Rough Trade / UK / 1st     NM/NM
The Smiths    "Shakespear's Sister 12"" 3 tracks"    Megadisc / UK / 1st    NM/NM
The Smiths    "Bigmouth Strikes Again + 2 12"" 3 tracks"    Rough Trade / UK / 1st     NM/NM
The Smiths    "The Headmaster Ritual + 4 12"" 5 tracks"    Megadisc / NL / 1st    NM/NM
The Smiths    The Queen Is Dead    Rough Trade UK    VG/VG
The Smiths    Meat is Murder    Megadisc NL    VG/VG
The Smiths    Live Electric Ballroom 1983    Soft Trade Promo DE    NM/NM
The Smiths    "What Difference Does It Make 12"" 2 trks"    Rough Trade UK    NM/NM
The Smiths    "This Charming Man 12"" 3 trks"    Rough Trade UK    NM/NM
The Smiths    "William, It Was Really Nothing 12"" 3 trks"    Rough Trade UK    NM/NM
The Smiths    "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable 12"" 3 trks"    Rough Trade UK    NM/NM
The Soft Boys    Invisble Hits    Midnight / UK    VG/VG
The Sonics    Introducing the    Beat Rocket / USA    EX/EX
The Sonics    Here are !!!    Etiquette / USA     NM/NM
The Spencer Davis Group    Their First Lp    Fontana UK    P/P
The Spencer Davis Group    The Second Album    Fontana UK    P/P
The Stills Young Band    Long may you run    Reprise / IT   
The Stone Roses    The Remixes 2lp    Silvertone EU    NM/NM
The Suburbs    Credit In Heaven 2LP    Twin Tone / US / 1st    EX/EX
The Tail Gators    Swamp Rock    Food for thought / UK    NM/NM
The Talbot Bros    Same    WB / USA    VG/VG
The Third Power    Believe    Vanguard / US / 1st cut-hole    VG/VG
The Times    Joe With Flower Travellin' Band    Atlantic / JP / Re    NM/NM
The Tinkers    Til the wild birds ...    Fontana / UK    VG/VG
The Tinkers    Spring Rain    Argo UK    VG/VG
The Triffids    The Peel Sessions    Strange Fruit / UK / 1st    NM/NM
The Triffids    "You Don't Miss Your Water 12"" 5 tracks blue"    Hot / AU / 1st    NM/NM
The Triffids    "Field Of Glass 12"" 3 tracks ep"    Hot / AU / 1st    NM/NM
The Triffids    Treeless Pain    Hot / AU / 1st    NM/NM
The Triffids    Raining Pleasure    Hot / AU / 1st    NM/NM
The Ugly Ducklings    Same    Yorktown / Canada RE    VG/VG
The Wanderers    Only Lovers Left Alive    Polydor / UK / 1st    VG/VG
The Watersons    Sound, sound your instrument of joy    TOPIC / UK    VG/VG
The way we live / Tractor    Steve's Hungarian Novel 2 lp    Psygressive Records / UK / 1st    NM/NM
The West Ct Pop Art Exp Band    The Legendary Unreleased Album    Raspeberry Sawfly records / USA    VG/VG
The Who    Live Isle of wight 1970 3 lp    Castle records / UK    NM/NM
The Who    Meaty beaty big and bouncy    MCA / USA    EX/EX
The Wig    Live at the Jade Room    Texas Archive Recording / USA    EX/EX
The Young Tradition     Galleries    Vanguard / USA    VG/VG
The Zimmermen    Same    Au Go Go / AU / 1st    EX/EX
The Zippers    A six songs Mini Album    Rhino / USA    EX/EX
Tim Buckley    Goodbye and Hello 2nd pressing    Elektra US    VG/VG
Timebox (Patto - Halsall)    The original moose on the loose    Declon / USA    VG/VG
Tom McRae    Tom McRae    DB Records / UK    EX/EX
Tom Petty & the H.    2 shows in '79 2 lp    Promo    EX/EX
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers    Pack up the plantation 2 lp    MCA / USA    EX/EX
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers    Long After Dark    Backstreet DE    VG/VG
Tom Robinson Band    Power in the darkness    EMI / IT    VG/VG
Tom Verlaine     Words from the front    Virgin / Germany    EX/EX
Tom Waits    Heartattack and vine    Asylum / IT    EX/EX
Tony (T.S.) McPhee    The Two Sides of    WWA / IT / 1st    VG/VG
Traffic    Welcome to the canteen    Island / IT     VG/VG
Traffic     Last Exit    Island / IT    VG/VG
Trees    Live !    Habla / IT    EX/EX
True West     Holliwood Holiday    New Rose / F / 1st    EX/EX
Truth and Janey    No Rest For the Wicked    Montrose / US / 1st    EX/EX
Turtles    Battle of the bands     White Whale / USA    G/G
U2    The Unforgettable Fire EP    Jugoton / Yugo    NM/NM
UK    Night after night Live !    Polydor / USA    EX/EX
Van Morrison & the Chieftains    Irish Heartbeat    Mercury / Yugo    VG/VG
Vanilla Fudge    The beat goes on    ATCO / USA    G/G
Velvett Fogg     Same     PYE / UK RE    VG/VG
VV.AA    Waves vol 1    Bomp records / USA    VG/VG
VV.AA     60's Beat Italiano vol 1    Direct Hit Records / IT    EX/EX
VV.AA,    Earcom 2 Fast    Robor / UK    VG++/VG++
VV.AA.    The Core Of Rock    MGM / US / 1st    VG/VG
VV.AA.    Electric Sugarcube Flashbacks 3    AIP / US / 1st    VG/VG
VV.AA.    The Radio Tokyo Tapes    Ear Movie / US / 1st    EX/EX
VV.AA.    A Splash Of Colour    WEA / UK / 1st    EX/EX
VV.AA.    A Midnight Christmas Mess    Midnight / US / 1st    EX/EX
VV.AA.    Love Peace and Poetry Latin American    Normal / DE / 1st red marble vinyl    NM/NM
VV.AA.    Love Peace and Poetry Asian    Normal / DE / 1st multi marbled vinyl    NM/NM
VV.AA.    Love Peace and Poetry American    Normal / DE / 1st yellow marbled vinyl    NM/NM
VV.AA.    Filling The Gap vol. 1 4lp    Obscure World / DE / 1st    EX / EX
VV.AA.    Garage Punk Unknowns 4lp    Crypt / US / 1st    EX / EX
VV.AA.    Pebbles Box 5lp    Ubik / US / 1st    NM/NM
VV.AA.    Byrds Won't Fly Today    Misty Lane / IT / 1st    EX/EX
VV.AA.    Nuggets: Original Artifacts    Sire / US / Re    VG/VG
VV.AA.    Acid Visions vol 2    Voxx / US / 1st    EX/EX
VV.AA.    Psychedelia Vol 2     Tiny Alice records    EX/EX
VV.AA.    The magic carper ride    TVAA / F    EX/EX
VV.AA.    Transworld Punk vol 2    Crawdad Records / IT    EX/EX
VV.AA.    The Return of Acid Dreams    ?    EX/EX
VV.AA.    Nightmares from the Underworld vol 1    AGNC / nr 70 of 300    EX/EX
VV.AA.    Nightmares from the Underworld vol 2    Underworld Records    EX/EX
VV.AA.    Oil Stains    Bone Records     VG/VG
VV.AA.    Get Primitive ! Best of Pebbles    Hit Records / UK    EX/EX
VV.AA.    Texas Punk Groups from the Sixties    Eva / F    EX/EX
VV.AA.    Purple Heart Surgery vol 2    ?    EX/EX
VV.AA.    From there to uncertainty    Tenth Planet Records / UK    EX/EX
VV.AA.    Syde Tryps One    Tenth Planet Records / F    EX/EX
VV.AA.    Oil Emulsion Slyde vol 1    Tiny Alice records / IT    NM/NM
VV.AA.    Time between / Byrds tribute    Imaginary records    NM/NM
VV.AA.    South 's Greatest Hits    Capricorn / USA    VG/VG
VV.AA.    South 's Greatest Hits vol2    Capricorn / USA    VG/VG
VV.AA.    Electra glide in blue / Soundtrack    UA / USA    EX/EX
VV.AA.    The Wanderers    RCA / UK    VG/VG
VV.AA.    Big Sur Festival    CBS / IT /     VG/VG
VV.AA.    Phil Spector's Top Twenty    Phil Spector records / Germany    VG/VG
VV.AA.    The Rocky Horror Picture Show / Audience 2 lp    CBS / Canada    EX/EX
VV.AA.    Everywhere Chainsaw Sound 1    KO / F / Mono Ltd Ed    EX/EX
VV.AA.    The Psychedelic Changes Beat Album    Magistral Records / F / Ltd Ed     EX/EX
VV.AA.    Houston Allucinations    Texas Archive Recording / USA    EX/EX
VV.AA.    Best of Bomp vol one    Bomps records /F    EX/EX
VV.AA.    Battle of the garages    Line / Germany    EX/EX
VV.AA.    The Rebel Kind    Sound Interesting Records / USA    EX/EX
VV.AA.    Waves vol 2    Bomp records / USA    VG/VG
VV.AA.    The Groupquake    RCA Victor / USA    VG/VG
VV.AA.    Manhattan Soundtrack    CBS / IT    G/G
VV.AA.    Phil Spector's Christmas Album    Polydor / India    G/G
VV.AA.    Jazz Odyssey    Discodis / F    VG/G
VV.AA.    Banjo Man soundtrack    Sire / USA    VG/VG
VV.AA.    Texas reverberations     Texas Archive Recording / USA    EX/EX
VV.AA.    Four in one (incl Leg Pink Dots)    Grafika Discs / Belgium    VG/VG
VV.AA.    La Bamba soundtrack    Yugoton    VG/VG
VV.AA.    Novi Punk 78-80    Yugo    VG/VG
VV.AA.    Tooth and nail    Upsetter / USA    EX/EX
VV.AA.    Warf rat tales    Warf rat / USA    EX/EX
VV.AA.    The Psychedelic Salvage Company vol 1    Promo     EX / EX
VV.AA.    The Psychedelic Salvage Company vol 2    Promo    EX / EX
VV.AA.    The Raven EP LP Vol 1    RAVEN / AU    NM/NM
VV.AA.    The 49 minute technicolor dream    BAM Caruso / UK    EX/EX
VV.AA.    Flashback vol 1    DFlashback records / USA    EX / EX
VV.AA.    Flashback vol 2    Flashback records / USA    EX/EX
VV.AA.    Looking back vol 1    Jugoton / Yugo    VG/VG
VV.AA.    "Everyday is a Holly day 2 X 10"" EPs"    New Rose / F    EX/EX
VV.AA.    The Motown Story Box 5lp    Motown    VG/VG
VV.AA.    Quadrophenia Soundtrack 2lp    Polydor US    VG/VG
VV.AA.    Psychedelic Dream 2lp    Columbia US    VG/VG
VV.AA.    Boulders vol 1    Max Records US    VG/VG
VV.AA.    Psychedelic Disaster Whirl    Frantic US    VG/VG
VV.AA.    Permormance Soundtrack    Warner Bros US    VG/VG
VV.AA.     Off the wall vol 2    Wreckord Wrack / ?    EX/EX
VV.AA.     Purple Heart Surgery vol 1    ?    EX/EX
VV.AA.     The Rocky Horror Show / Original Roxy Cast    EPIC / Canada    EX/EX
VV.AA.     The Rocky Horror Show / Original London Cast    UK Records / UK 1973    EX/EX
VV.AA.     The Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack    Ode Records / UK Picture Disc    EX/VG
VV.AA.     Tommy soundtrack 2 lp    Polydor / IT    VG/VG
VV.AA.     No Nukes 3 lp    Asylum / USA    VG/VG
VV.AA.     Le mystere de voix bulgares    4 AD ? F    EX/EX
VV.AA.     Proven Blooms     Capitol / Canada    G/G
VV.AA.     Burning the midnight sun    Uniton / Norway    VG/VG
VV.AA.     Dueling banjos    Music parade    VG/VG
VV.AA.     Concert for Kampuchea 2 lp    Atlantic Suzy / Yugo    VG/NM
VV.AA.     Punk Collection    RCA / IT    VG/VG
VV.AA.     415 Music    415 records / USA    VG/VG
VV.AA.     That Summer !    Arista / IT    VG/VG
VV.AA.     This is soul    Atlantic / USA    VG/VG
VV.AA.     The Psychedelic Snarl    BAM Caruso / UK    EX/EX
VV.AA.     The decline of Western Civilization    Slash / USA    EX / EX
VV.AA.     The D.I.Y. Album    DIY / USA    EX / EX
WAH !    "Somesay 12"""    WEA / UK     EX/EX
Wall Of Voodoo    Call of the West    Illegal / US    EX/EX
Weirdos    Who?What?When?Where?Why?    Bomp / US / 1st    EX/EX
Wicked Lady    Blow Your Mind    Xotic Mind / UK / 1st    VG/VG
Wizards from Kansas    Still in Kansas    Rockadelic Records / USA    EX/EX
X    Wild Gift    Jem records US    VG/VG
Yahowa 13    Penetration    Sunflower / USA    EX/EX
Yahowa 13    Father Yod    Swordfish reissue / USA    EX/EX
Yahowa 13    I'm gonna take you home    Higherkey / USA    EX/EX
Yahowa 13    Contraction     Swordfish reissue / USA    EX/EX
Yard Trauma    Must've Been Something I Took Last Night    Dionysos / US / 1st    EX/EX
Yardbirds    Live Yardbirds!    Epic / US / 1st    G/G
Yardbirds    The Complete BBC Sessions 2lp    Get Back IT    NM/NM
Yes    Yessongs 3 lp    Atlantic / IT    VG++/VG++
Yesterday Folks     US 69    Buddah / USA    VG/VG
Zerra I    "The Banner of Love/ Cry 12"""    Second Vision / UK / 1st    EX/EX
Zerra I    Same    Merle / UK    EX/EX
Zerra I    "Ten thousand voices 12"""    Phonogram UK    EX/EX

Grading in cover/record. All gradings are visual and all the stuff is highly playable.
NM almost perfect condition, played 1 or few times.
EX also near perfect but played more times and minor signs shown on cover or vinyl
VG++ more or less as EX
VG may show some minor defects, cover may have slight ringwear and few clicks may be audible on record
G still plays well but shows heavier sign of time or has been intensively played.

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